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    In order to allow our clients to focus on the music, not the clock, we offer package rates that include all aspects of the record production process. These rates are determined on a per project basis and vary based upon the requirements for the record

  • We perform 2 masters, one in house with all hardward mastering tube compressors, Analog mastering eq, Analog limitors ect, then record back at 192KH, remembering we are recording through a AMEK Angela 2, one of the sweetest sounding consoles made so she really warms it up.We then send the original mix without mastering to a local Mastering house and they perform their own version of hardware  mastering, we then choose the best for the clients needs.

  • Note: We do not use"software plugin" mastering (unless client request plugins), although we do have on hand some of the best plugins from Waves and Universal Audio we prefer to use hardware processing for that true Pro radio and "non" radio ready, sound we feel that haveing great  mastering hardware equipment really does make the difference, after all that is what you are paying for, the difference...

  • Musicans available for a set fee per song, rates very per song but very reaonable. Rates are prorated down in price if bought in bulk per  weekly or monthly dates.


These rates get you full access to the entire studio, you want the hammond you use the hammond, you want to record with our 2" Otari analog tape machine you have access to the machine at no addional charge. Exeption: you have the option of  buying the tape reel to take with you to keep as your recording master or you may rent the tape for a fee, that tape will be bulk erased after your session. Our tape is fresh so no worries on quality we use only 499 Mastering brand.

CD Duplication Packages Plus Publishing

​We assist you with publishing your song. Our publishing will help you get your songs heard and protected...
By using our in house service we assist you in getting your songs in front of the right people.
CD/Press Packages are available 300 to 50,000 units with jewel cases up to 6 page insert full color cover. Pro work done at a very good price. As cheap as .38 cents per CD. ​(amount subject to change)

Your product will look amazing, imagine 6 page full color insert, jewel case, shrink wrapped with bar code and your very own itunes account already setup. You will be able to offer your CD online and  delivered in 1 week after master and satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are here because you are here, without you we would not have this great studio and all this really great gear to play with, so it is our guarantee that your satisfaction is goal 1 with no compromise.

Nashville Recording Studio

Fully produced projects, plus a wonderful catalog of CD duplication options from Single insert to 4 full color CD liner, to make your project stand out from the rest.

Sky Blue Nashville